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After years of research and developing hundreds of spa products for the global market, we extract a most enjoyable way to enjoy the spa. Infinity Spas are designed and developed in this way to provide you a wonderful spa experience.

A swim spa is simply a smaller type of pool that uses water resistance to allow users to swim in a confined area. Recent technology has perfected them so that, now, the average homeowner is able to afford one.

The main benefits of a swim spa are:

•    Their smaller size makes them a good option when space is limited.
•    Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do and a swim spa allows you to swim continuously without doing laps.
•    A swim spa can be considerably cheaper to buy, install and maintain than a full-sized swimming pool.

These are some of the reasons why even homeowners who have enough space in their yards for a full-sized pool are opting to install a swim spa instead.
Here below are some benefits of Infinity swimspa compare to traditional pools:

  Infinity swimspas Traditional pools
Space taken 9m2-14m2 32m2-100m2
Installation Period 1 day 30 days
Maintanence works Easy  Complicated
Maintancence cost Low  Hight
Use frequence 365 days 60 days in
summer time
Hydrotherapy Yes No
Portable Yes No
Swim distance Unlimited Limited
Water tempreture Always stable
warm water
Cool water