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8 steps to enjoy Infinity spas
 After years of research and developing hundreds of spa products for the global market, we extract a most enjoyable way to enjoy the spa. The Infinity Spas are designed and developed in this way to provide you a wonderful spa experience in 8 steps. 

Step 1: Warm up your body. Siting on the lip of the spa or the inside step. Let the water reaches over your hips and envelopes you with warm water. Stay around 2 minutes, relax your soul, mind and body. Let your body absorbs the warmth and improve the circulation, relieves the joints. Enjoy the anticipation of the whirling experience.

Step 2: Skin and muscle soft massage. Move a bit to the soft massage seat. Let the water reaches over your shoulders. Enjoy the large voluminous massage of your back and neck areas. One Multi-Master jet and four twin-rotating jets gives your body a gentle massage. The mild massage stimulates the circulation and transport warmth into the tissue. In this way, muscles and joints loosen up. Deep breath is stimulated. Tensions caused by stress or headaches disappear. The abdominal and digestive organs are being strengthen and their functions are stimulated.

Step 3: Hard muscle massage. The Storm-Massage area is really where the fun starts: both storm jets are placed in “strategically important spots” in the lower back and give the trunk muscles a very strong massage on the spine, the sciatic nerve and the hip joint. This strong and direct massage kneads hardened muscles, loosens knots, and adhesions in the connective tissue and alleviates arthritis in the joints. Back muscles that go into spasm, stressed sciatic nerves and stiff hip joints are grateful recipients of this deep massage. This particular massage should not last longer than one minute at most. Also the abdominal organs, especially the intestines, are shaken and stirred. If you want, you can let the micro jets on the opposite side whirl around the feet and lower legs. A feeling of well-being permeates from the feet into the body.

Step 4: Back Massage. Now your body deserves a middle-strong surface massage with the rotating super massage jets on the lounge. Your back muscles are fully captured by the "whirling beakers". The topic here is: our number one problem zone, the back, with spine, vertebrae, discs, the powerful muscle cords left and right of the spine, the shoulder blade area and the shoulders themselves. Strong and well irrigated muscles are the most important condition for a healthy back. You can also exchange the 6 Super rotating jets inserts(accessories) with directional jets and direct them onto your painful and tense spots with really deep massage. Similar to the classic Shiatsu method in Chinese traditional massage. The feet are not neglected either: The multi-micro jets combined with 15 micro nozzles at the foot end of the lounger are directed towards the feet and massage them intensely. This way your inner organs are reached in an elegant way, and they are being stimulated and strengthened. Stay about 6 minutes on the lounger.

Step 5: Oxygen bath. While you are resting and relaxing on the lounge, the large and voluminous air jet massage pampers you, especially at the feet, legs and bottom. Through the strong turbulence, the fine bubbles spread everywhere through the water, attach themselves to the skin and supply the urgently needed oxygen from the outside.  The fine bubbles even cause a mild peeling of the skin surface. Recommended time: 2 minutes. Did you know that 15 minutes in the spa increase the oxygen in the blood by about 10%? What a great way to "ventilate" your organs.

Step 6: Water Shiatsu Massage. !After the rather soft massage on the lounger, glide over to the Micro jet massage seat. They continue the work of the rotating storm jets of the bubble bed, but are more directional and put more emphasis on the shoulder area. If you sink a bit deeper into the water, the flood massage also includes the muscles of the neck and the back of the head, even the tendons that are painful in almost everyone's body. You reach the shoulder joint itself by moving slowly to and from the jets and also turning your trunk from side to side. You should take this targeted massage for approximately 2 minutes.

Step 7: Floating. Once the whirl massage has stopped, you can now float through the water. Your Infinity spa has enough space to float- no narrow seats to restrict your movements. Close your eyes, enjoy this wonderful warmth, the peacefulness, lose yourself on this journey to your inner self. With this deep relaxation, you are rewarding your body for what it does for you daily. Recommend time is about 2 minutes, but if you forget time and space, your relaxation will be even deeper!

Step 8: Cool down. When the water is warmer than 37°C, you should sit on the step/cool down seat for about 2 more minutes before getting out. In that spot, your body is still half immersed in the water and can get used to an upright position and cooler outside temperature. Breathe in as much fresh air as possible. Don’t rush getting out and allow yourself an extra 15 minutes additional rest. Sleeping problems and depressing moods disappear- you will sleep soundly again. A great way to get fit and rested for the next day!
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